Attention parents,

As per our Student handbook (page 13),

Media within the School

A written request for authorization to use your child’s name, photo, video, or audio in local media coverage of school events, as well as in school yearbook, newsletters, webpage, brochures, mailings, etc. will be sent home in a secondary information packet after admittance has been granted. It is understood that if you neglect to mark your express choices or the box indicating “none of the above”, you are granting full permission. You may change this at any point throughout the year by providing notice in writing to the administrative office. However, please note that applications done before your request may not all be able to be undone (such as in the case of brochures, mailings, etc.)

Students will not be allowed to use personal media devices (including, but not limited to: cameras, cell phones, iPads, and tablets, etc.) during the school hours, except at times expressly permitted by the teacher with administrative approval for special projects or curriculum purposes.

The recent occurrence of smart watches (v-tech, gizmo, etc.) is a violation of our policy in that we do not allow cell phones, cameras, or electronic games without prior administrative approval. For the first occurrence, students will be asked to place their device safely in their backpack. If the student has a second occurrence, they will give their devices to the teacher, at which point the device in question will be given back to the parent directly. Further issues of non-compliance will result in the device being sent to the office; parents will need to retrieve the device personally; and the student will no longer be allowed to have devices at school.

Thank you for your compliance,

HCA Administration


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