Back again – MIXED BAGS is a FAVE!


Support our FR Mixed Bags

Mixed Bags

We’re selling tote bags, accessories, kitchenware & more through a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!

There are two ways to order:

Instructions for Catalog purchases

  • Add your contact info to your form. Our fundraiser ID is: 47500
  • Collect money with the orders. Collect 8.25% tax
  • Make checks payable to: Heritage Christian Academy
  • Turn in money with a copy of your order form to: the front desk by April 15th
  • Keep a copy of your orders to easily distribute your customer orders!
  • Questions? Contact:

Instructions for online purchases

Tell friends & family to support us online at

Make sure our ID number 47500 is added at checkout. Add the seller you are supporting too!

Online orders ship directly to the supporter (anywhere in the US) & shipping is free on orders $75 & up!

Need more help?

Contact Mixed Bag Designs at 877.520.2247  or email

We’ll send out an email promoting your fundraiser

for you, from you! Visit

Of all the fundraisers, this one is by far the best. Take the catalog to work or let out of town family shop online – because everybody loves these long-lasting and eco-friendly products.

Have fun and thanks for supporting our school!



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